A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My Child: - "Welcome to the forest. You live here now."

You're in a forest talking to God. Are you happy where you are? Should you leave? Something tells me this isn't the first time you've done this....

This is my first game, and I may continue it into a larger more polished project. However, I would like some feedback as to what should change, if the dialogue is too immoral and any other comments or critical recommendations.

I look forward to feedback and suggestions! Thanks!


Install instructions

Just download and play. You may need to lower the graphics depending on your machine.


My Child.app.zip 118 MB
My Child.zip 112 MB


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Once again Mr Cash brings the goods in this short but funny game... :)

Love your voice acting.

Also: wtflol

Interesting concept for a game. I'd quite like to see an expanded version with more of an exchange between the child and God, but nice enough as it is.


Hilarious, and comical in showing both insanity of humans and Gods alike :p Well, with a quote from none other than Vaas. ;D

This game is weird.... And I like weird...

This game is short but heaps of fun! I couldn't help but make a video for it. :)

Nice work team!

Fixed the PC version. Archive was missing DATA folder.