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I love this game soooo much and want so much more content from you keep up the good work 

This is just awesome

YOU ARE SUCH A CHAMP stevecash83! I have been looking forward to playing
another of your games since 'My Child'. You are going places mate, and
we are coming along for the ride. Awesome Game you have here, keep them

Great game made me laugh a lot :D

I Would like to see more games like this in the future from you.

Well that was certainly disturbing and a load of fun, love the accent and use of game mechanics, as a developer myself I can see how this worked out well.  5/5.
YouTube: Fellowplayer

Great game Steve. Enjoyed playing through it. Very funny but also very well made. :)

My second game made with Unity. It doesn't take long to get through, but please, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!