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This game was extremely funny and, unique I enjoyed what you did with the warden probably one of the most hilarious aspects of the game!

This was so well done, i'm glad I decided to play this. Your humor is done so right and spaced so well, honestly i'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention, I don't know how active your account is, but I hope that you can make some more future games because if they have the same humor I will be all over it! But great game and I hope you do some more work in the future :) No complaints!

This was without a doubt the funniest game I've been playing in a long while!
So well written dialogue and well written jokes it's insane! Loved it!

Stay Rad Everybody!!
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Wow dude! This game is something else!
It's freaking hilarious and i LOVE IT!
Check out my gameplay here , You almost made me cry 

So I've had my channel Lumps Plays for quite a while, now. Maybe over 2 years, over 250 indie games played. 

This is one of the best ones I've ever played. Not because it's a great game, but because the dialogue and voice acting alone were so great it just makes everything else not matter, and all that's left over is a fun quick time. I REALLY enjoyed this! I'm sure you know it's good by now from all the feedback, and I was shocked when a friend told me you make those cat videos (good gig going on there!), but I saw you made another game before this one and I'm looking forward to trying that, too. Make more stuff, how about?! Cheers!

Here's my video. It's not your typical Let's Play.

Well now I was disappointed.  This wasn't the horror game I thought it was.  Nay, it wasn't a horror game at all, though it did have one good jump scare in it.

But I'm still glad I played this as I ended up crying with laughter.  The developer has done a phenomenal job in this game, and the voice-acting in this is stellar, so much better than your average indie game.

I'm not going to post any story spoilers here, suffice to say I did do a playthrough of this game but didn't go through all the options as you NEED TO PLAY THIS!!!!  The options are not on par with something like The Stanley Parable, but the guy that speaks to you through the speakers sure as hell gives you a piece of his mind if you don't follow what he wants you to do, and can be condescending about it as well.  Bravo.

I've done a gameplay video which I hope it's done the developer justice for the effort they've put in, and hope you enjoy it.

I love this game soooo much and want so much more content from you keep up the good work 

This is just awesome

YOU ARE SUCH A CHAMP stevecash83! I have been looking forward to playing
another of your games since 'My Child'. You are going places mate, and
we are coming along for the ride. Awesome Game you have here, keep them

Great game made me laugh a lot :D

I Would like to see more games like this in the future from you.

Well that was certainly disturbing and a load of fun, love the accent and use of game mechanics, as a developer myself I can see how this worked out well.  5/5.
YouTube: Fellowplayer

Great game Steve. Enjoyed playing through it. Very funny but also very well made. :)


My second game made with Unity. It doesn't take long to get through, but please, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!